Greater Princeton Youth Orchestra


Symphonic Orchestra

The Symphonic Orchestra is the flagship ensemble for the Greater Princeton Youth Orchestra. This ensemble features some of the most advanced musicians in the central Jersey and Pennsylvania regions. Students invited to play in the symphonic orchestra enjoy music of the highest level, most of which is played by professional ensembles around the world. Symphonic Orchestra members perform many concerts throughout the year, and often are asked to play in chamber music performances. The students of the Symphonic Orchestra, most of whom are members of regional and state ensembles, or intend to pursue music as a major in college, range in age from middle school to high school seniors. This ensemble is not age restricted, students must simply possess very advanced musical skill and the desire to play music of great difficulty and high art.


Concert Orchestra

The concert orchestra is comprised of talented developing musicians ranging from middle school through high school. This ensemble offers students the full symphonic orchestra experience, which is not common amongst most school programs in New Jersey. A concert orchestra musician is ready to be challenged by advanced repertoire, but will also use the experience to develop the technique necessary to be ready for the GPYO Symphonic Orchestra. The string, woodwind, brass and percussion students in Concert Orchestra will have small sectional rehearsals throughout the year to address the repertoire being performed, as well as opportunities to further the musical technique on their instruments.


Preparatory String Ensemble

The Prep Strings ensemble is designed to offer an introductory string ensemble experience to students ranging from grades 4-9. Students in this ensemble will be challenged to become more independent musicians, which will in turn complement their school ensemble experience. More time will be dedicated to develop string technique which will prepare students to continue into the senior division. Repertoire includes music designed for advanced middle school and high school students.


Preparatory Wind Ensemble

The prep winds ensemble is designed for developing students in grades 4-9. Students involved in prep winds are challenged to be independent musicians, something very different from what they commonly see in their school ensembles. Prep winds members are often the only person playing their part which requires a great deal of individual responsibility and helps the student grow to become a very confident, independent musician. Students in this ensemble also face the task of performing a wide variety of music with challenging parts typically suited for advanced middle schools and high schools.